Welcome to the Imagine Advertising Sports Promotion Headquarters!

Imagine has developed an exclusive relationship with the nation's largest DVD distributor in the nation, giving you access to purchase any of their 704 sports DVD's at hugely discounted prices.

Now your store can use the huge attraction of sports to drive retail store traffic for:

     • In-Store Giveaways
     • Gift with Purchase
     • Free,  Just to Drive Traffic
     • Tons of Teams, All Major Sports, Anytime!

Now you can create a sports themed promotion any time of year. Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball....Professional, College, Team Histories, Super Bowl Highlights, Best of..... You decide, we have it exclusively for your store!

An Integrated Promotion For Your Store That’s As Easy As 1-2-3:
  1. Pick your Print/TV Theme (Game Day, March Madness or create a custom theme).
  2. Order your sports DVD’s to give away with furniture purchase.
  3. Choose Your Matching Signage Package (Good, Better, Best options to choose from).