Print Services

A Targeted Approach To Communicating With Your Customers

With the digital age taking over virtually everything, print was pushed out. At Imagine we ask why?

 We believe print delivered in the mailbox is a crucial strategy for your business’s marketing plans due to several key reasons:

The power of your advertising lies in its core principles: reach, frequency, and consistency. Even if one circular doesn't immediately result in a purchase, these principles are non-negotiable.

Despite the allure of cost-effective email marketing, let's face the facts: the average response rate is a mere 0.6% - disappointingly low.

It is a fact that physical engagement with print increases customer recall and information retention, leading to a more memorable experience.

Our Direct mail programs allows for precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring that messages reach the most relevant audience. This level of targeting can be even more granular than digital advertising in some cases.

And, don’t forget print’s high ROI. Print marketing, including direct mail, offers an impressive return on investment (ROI), with an average of $13 return for every $1 spent on direct mail marketing.

 We know this because we have designed and delivered over 2,000,000,000 printed items through the mail.

Combine print with our digital marketing capabilities

Direct mail, marriage mail or a singular mail item can work synergistically with your digital marketing efforts, enhancing overall performance, increasing customer engagement, and improving ROI. By combining both strategies strategically, businesses can achieve better results in their marketing campaigns.

 Our conclusion is that incorporating print and direct mail into a marketing strategy offers unique advantages such as tangibility, personalization, targeted marketing, high ROI, and the ability to complement your digital efforts. These benefits make print an essential component of a well-rounded marketing plan.

Products Include:
Catalog Sheets & Binders (product storage & fulfillment capabilities)
Corporate Brochures & Annual Reports
Training Manuals
Presentation Materials
Catalogs and Booklets
Marketing Materials, including Pamphlets and Flyers
Training Manuals

Variable Data Printing