Our Business strategy team will help you guide your company’s growth, competitiveness, and success. We’ll help you create a road map to help align business functions, creative, messaging, and more.

Today it’s harder than ever to find good employees, much less to keep them. Consider the savings when using a company like Imagine.

  1. No computer, software or other ancillary costs/expenses
  2. No insurance(medical, dental, life) – Approximately (12%-15% additional)
  3. No 401K/Profit Sharing Contribution – Approximately 2%-3.5% additional (Optional)
  4. No Payroll taxes (company paid portion) – Approximately 7%-9% additional, company paid portion
  5. No employee bonuses – Ranging from 3%-7%, depending on overall compensation package
  6. No Additional Expenses

And these are just a few costs to consider

This is when you want a specific project researched and created. It’s a “one-time” project that we mutually outline and agree to.


 Our consulting agreements are all “short-term”. They are for 3 months maximum with the option to extend the 3 months or work on a “month to month” basis when the agreement expires. This process assures both parties that the scope of work outlined is done satisfactorily. As the client, you will never be stuck with a long-term agreement you’re not happy with, and for us, we have the same option should we decide, that you as the client, are not a good fit for us.
Account Director & Manager
​This option gives you access to everything we do. We act as your marketing/creative services department. Instead of one person at a large salary, you get the whole team for much less than hiring one individual…AND it’s tax-deductible as a “marketing expense” to boot